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13 | Jan | 2022
Finland Pavilion | Dubai Expo


Enter the real success stories of Dubai

Redland Growth Lounge is created to make international growth easier, fun, sustainable and community-based. The first Growth Lounge is organized on January 13th, 2022 in the hot spot of the freshest ideas and opportunities of the moment – the Expo 2020 Dubai.

Come expand your network and understanding with people from both Finland and the UAE.

GST (UTC +4)
Redland Growth Lounge, opening of the Event

Panel discussion: How international business can support the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Keynote, Health security, Katja Boutou

Keynote, Market Entry Marketing, Kate Midttun & Anne Laitinen

Keynote, Sustainability and circular economy, Mika Horttanainen

Keynote, We create the Weather / An up to date scientific base report, Martin Malmros

Keynote, The only option: Circular Economy, Christian Abl

Surprise Announcement, Market Entry Marketing

Music and mingle
Buffet for snacks & drinks

Introducing the themes

Market entry marketing (Redland)

Sustainability and circular economy (Griffin)

Health security (Nanoksi)


Meet our Speakers

At the Growth Lounge you will meet and hear the specialists of market entry marketing, circular economy and health security. Find more about them here.

Anne Laitinen

Growth Advisor / Chief Growth Officer / Market Entry Specialist

Katja Boutou

Business Development Manager

Mika Horttanainen

Professor of Environmental Technology

Martin Malmros

CEO and co-founder of Snowkap

Christian Abl

Management Board of Reclay Group

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Nanoksi aims to make spaces and surfaces safer for people with nanocoating solutions, leaving behind an invisible layer of protection that has a significant impact on society and human wellbeing.


By transforming waste into more environmentally friendly fuel, Griffin Refineries helps companies regard waste as a useful and valuable resource, resulting in financial benefits and environmentally responsible actions.

Live Stream

Growth Lounge Live Stream

Can’t make it to Dubai in person? No problem! We will be live streaming our Growth Lounge event on January 13th from 11am to 5pm, so you won’t miss any of the inspiring keynotes and panel discussions.

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Note: The live stream link will be activated on January 13th.

To complete your virtual Expo 2020 Dubai experience, make sure to explore the Virtual Expo World and visit all the amazing country pavilions – including ours, the Finland Pavilion!


Arriving to Expo area

Whether you’re arriving by Metro, bus, taxi or car, getting to Expo 2020 couldn’t be more simple. Three main entrances are a 20-minute drive from the Dubai Marina. When entering to Finnish Pavilion, we recommend arriving to the Expo zone called the Mobility District. That’s the nearest entrance to the Finnish Pavilion. While arriving there will be a security check for proof of COVID vaccine or a negative PCR test.

Pavilion coordinates: Finland / Mobility District / Pavilion no. 104

Find the map of the area here.

Find the Taxi drop-off point here.

Entry requirements for visitors

If you are vaccinated
You must present a proof of at least one dose of any COVID vaccine recognised by any Expo 2020 participating country or the World Health Organisation (WHO).

If you are unvaccinated
You must present a negative PCR test certificate for a test conducted within the last 72 hours.

Please take the PCR test at least one day before your visit to Expo as results will take up to 10 hours. You will not be allowed into the site without a negative PCR test result.

Read more about entry requirements here.

Welcome to Redland Growth Lounge at Expo 2020!

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